Esas Holding

Esas Holding

Esas Holding, established in 2000, is a young, dynamic, and an innovator private equity investor. Esas Holding contributes to the development of the companies which it invested with its entrepreneur vision, created growth opportunities, provides capital and financing support, and generates management solutions.

Esas Holding was established by Şevket Sabanci and his family and it is one of the biggest equity investment groups focused on investment opportunities in Turkey and abroad. Esas Holding founded an office in London in 2010 to follow the investment opportunities in broader geographies.

Its most important advantage when compared to other funds and institutions making equity investments is its flexibility and adaptation capability in its operating structure and income expectations. Its income expectations and the quitting alternatives from an investment are quite flexible as it uses its own financial resources and as it does not need any funds provided by foreign limited partners.

Esas Holding Investments


  • Pegasus
  • Air Berlin


  • Bonservis
  • Peyman
  • Esaslı Gıda


  • Medline Acil
  • Medline Hastaneleri
  • Medline Evde Sağlık


  • Mars Entertainment Group
    • Cinemaximum
    • Mac & Macfit